ABC Glass Co. – Scottsdale, AZ

Glass and Mirror Shop near Scottsdale, Arizona

The customers who come to us for glass services live all over the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona, including the city of Scottsdale. Having been in business since 1973, we have many regular clients who have made us their number one choice for all home glass and custom mirror services.

Unlike many of our competitors, ABC Glass Co. offers customers a free, in-home estimate rather than giving a price over the phone or in response to an email. We do that because we want to be thorough, accurate, fair and because every house is unique. It is part of the customer service that has been a feature of our business since we became established.

Another service that separates us from other glass companies is that we employ a full-time, on-site glass cutter. It enables us to carry out a great deal of custom sizing of our glass products and means customers can buy bespoke glass pieces.

Window glass repair is one of the jobs we are asked to do most often. If a glass pane in your window shatters, or ‘spider web’ cracks start small then spread out, you need to call us at (602) 971-3440. Given the Arizona weather, it is essential you do not have a cracked window during the monsoon season, or in high winds, as the window could break and cost more to replace.

If we do need to replace a window, we can provide you with either custom or stock windows. New windows can help by increasing the value and curb appeal of your property, and they will let in less dust in the event of a monsoon or dust storm.

So for all residents of Scottsdale who need glass service of any sort – either to fix a broken or cracked window, or to buy a stunning new piece of decorative glass – ABC Glass Co. has everything you could possibly need. Come and see us or call today at (602) 971-3440.